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Transform content into a business asset

Transform content into a business asset

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Coming soon

March 23, 2015 - March 25, 2015
Intelligent Content Conference

April 9, 2015
Webcast: Content Strategy vs. The Undead


June 3, 2015 - June 5, 2015
LocWorld Berlin

Bill Swallow and Sarah O’Keefe are planning to attend LocWorld Berlin, The Internet of Things. Watch this space for more information as we have it.

LocWorld Berlin site

October 18, 2015 - October 21, 2015
LavaCon 2015

More details on the conference website

What’s new

Money and technology are not a content strategy

Having the budget to buy new technology isn’t the same as having a content strategy. Case in point: the US government has spent billions on electronic medical record (EMR) systems that can’t communicate with each other.

Breaking down content silos: expectation vs. reality

You’re probably hearing it more and more: silos are bad for your business. They discourage collaboration, lead to duplication and inconsistency, and prevent you from delivering a unified content experience to your customers. But what really happens when you try … Continue reading


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