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Transform content into a business asset

Transform content into a business asset

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Localization best practices (premium)

Localization—the process of adapting content to a specific locale—is a critical requirement for global companies. It’s often treated as a necessary evil, but this is shortsighted. The quality of localization efforts affects the company’s bottom line. More than ever, products and services … Continue reading

Content strategy for tech comm and beyond

Having trouble with your technical content process? Need a strategy that can help you improve and scale? Before you make a change, talk to the other content-producing groups in your company—marketing, training, sales, support—to develop a content strategy that works … Continue reading

Content strategy and relocation: the trauma is the same

We moved into a new office at the end of October. The new space is bigger and nicer than the old space, but nonetheless, the moving process was painful. As a child, I moved several times and changed schools every … Continue reading


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