The age of accountability: Unifying marketing and technical content with Adobe Experience Manager

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Coauthored by Sarah O’Keefe and Gretyl Kinsey

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Commissioned by Adobe Systems, Inc. (What does this mean?)

Organizations can no longer funnel people into convenient pre-sales and post-sales categories. They need to align their content creation efforts for marketing and technical content. Adobe offers a solution that allows for creation of structured technical content (DITA) and less structured marketing content in a single repository.

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Structured authoring and XML

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recipe structure

Coauthored by Sarah O’Keefe and Alan Pringle

This post is also available as a white paper, which you can read in PDF format.

First published in 2001.

Structured authoring and XML represent a significant paradigm shift in content creation. Implementing structured authoring with XML allows organizations to enforce content organization requirements. The addition of hierarchy and metadata to content improves reuse and content management. These benefits, however, must be weighed against the effort required to implement a structured authoring approach. The business case is compelling for larger writing organizations; they will be the first to adopt structured authoring. Over time, improvements in available tools will reduce the cost of implementing structured authoring and make it affordable for smaller organizations.

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