Content strategy: What’s your exit strategy?

Gretyl Kinsey / Humor

You’ve probably heard the announcement countless times: “Please locate the nearest emergency exit.” Chances are you ignore these exits most of the time, but you feel safer knowing they’re there. You wouldn’t go to a restaurant or movie theater or travel on public transportation that … Read More

Stairway to Həll

Simon Bate / Humor

We’ve been in our “new” offices in Durham for about a year now.  Overall, I’m quite happy to be here, nice building, good restaurants for lunch, lock on the door to keep sales people out…all those things.

Let go of your silo

Alan Pringle / Humor

In reality, collaborative authoring is little more than a euphemism for the idea that “anyone can write.” That’s Tom Johnson’s take on collaborative authoring in his latest blog post. The writer in me sympathizes deeply because the “anyone can write” attitude is a direct challenge … Read More

(Non)predictions for 2012

Alan Pringle / Humor

With 2011 waning, people are contemplating what 2012 will bring for technical communication. Our profession is changing rapidly, so intelligent conversations about the future of tech comm are essential. All that smart talk has absolutely nothing to do with this post.