Virtual meeting etiquette

Bill Swallow / Opinion5 Comments

Let’s take a break from content strategy and talk a bit about virtual meeting etiquette. I’ve heard plenty of virtual meeting horror stories from friends and colleagues. There are tales of barking dogs, screaming children, loud ambient office noise, and yes, even the dreaded toilet … Read More

The commodity trap

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion

In a recent post on lean content strategy, I wrote about a focus on waste reduction: After creating a nice automated XML-based process, waste in formatting is eliminated, and we declare victory and go home. Unfortunately, the organization is now producing irrelevant content faster, and the … Read More

Making metadata in DITA work for you

Gretyl Kinsey / DITA, Opinion

Metadata is one of the most important factors in making the most of your DITA XML-based content environment. Whether you’re converting legacy content into DITA or creating new structured content, it’s important to know what metadata (or data about data) your files will keep track … Read More

Content strategy amateur hour

Alan Pringle / Opinion

“My team is looking into how we can use <incumbent tool> to handle our new content requirements.” That’s what I heard from a manager during a recent phone call about a company’s expanding content needs. The tools-focused response made me cringe.