SubjectScheme explained

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Your project is coming along nicely. You have your workflow ready, your style guides are composed, and things are looking up. However, you have complex metadata needs that are starting to cause problems. You need a way to ensure that authors are only using valid … Read More

LearningDITA and Oxygen XML Web Author

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Since Scriptorium first announced the availability of, we have had more than 1,100 subscribers to our free online DITA courses. To complete the exercises in LearningDITA, we have recommended that students install an XML editor. This has presented a difficulty to some because they cannot … Read More

Webcast: The realities of ebook distribution

Alan Pringle / Tools, Webinars

In this webcast recording, Alan Pringle discusses the challenges of ebook distribution and how Scriptorium has addressed them when selling EPUB and Kindle editions. Topics covered include: Formatting differences in ereader devices and apps Pricing Other lessons learned through painful experience