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Each year, the Nominations committee of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) holds elections. The process is well-ordered:

  1. The current first vice president runs for president.
  2. The current second vice president runs for first vice president.
  3. The Nominations committee selects two people to compete for the slot of second vice president.

In order to become president, you must win one election — for second vice president — two years before you actually become president. To be eligible for that election, you must get the nod from the Nominations committee.

This year, things got shaken up. Instead of two candidates for 2nd Veep, there were — gasp — THREE. How did this happen? There were two candidates with the official seal of approval from the Nominations committee. And then there was a third candidate, Paula Berger, who went through a tedious petition process to get her name put on the ballot after being, well, un-selected by the Nominations committee.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that Paula has now won the election for second vice president of STC:

STC election results

After all, only Paula had to recruit several hundred individuals who were interested enough to sign her petition. And having signed the petition, you figure that they definitely voted!

Congratulations, Paula!
(I did sign the petition and vote for her.)

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