Corel, ArborText, Interleaf, plus Adobe and Macromedia

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What do they have in common?

Back in 2003, Corel was acquired by Vector Capital.

In July 2005, PTC announced it was acquiring ArborText.

Adobe and Macromedia are working on a merger.

And now, BroadVision (which makes Interleaf) has announced that it is going private (it’s the opposite of an IPO) and being purchased by Vector Capital.

I think it adds up to a trend.

What does consolidation in this industry mean for us?

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One Comment on “Corel, ArborText, Interleaf, plus Adobe and Macromedia”

  1. I think it means that having your data in a non-proprietary format is going to be more important than ever. If the major players start paring away our tool options (can you say, “RoboHelp for FrameMaker”?), we’ll either have to resort to a boatload of rework with no gain (read “reformat in another proprietary tool”) or resort to a boatload of rework to avoid the problem in the future (read “move to structured docs”).

    Hmmmm. Glad I’m learning XSL-FO.

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