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New on adobe.com, you’ll find a page dedicated to InDesign, XML, and scripting. Oddly, it’s entitled “Adobe digital imaging solutions for graphic designers.”

The XML resources include case studies, excerpts from the InDesign User Guide and the Classroom in a Book, and a technical reference (PDF) that goes beyond what’s found in the basic documentation. (This document was written by Scriptorium staff.)

It looks as though Adobe is getting serious about promoting InDesign’s XML support. Unlike Certain Other Applications, InDesign is Unicode-compliant. But InDesign is best suited for a one-directional XML workflow–publishing XML content in InDesign or extracting XML content from InDesign. At this point, authoring XML in InDesign is problematic.

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  1. I am very disapointed in the way that InDesign tables are linked to XML. It seems that you have to build the whole table in XML rather than just being able to link some data to particular cells. Is this a concession to all the plugin developers that do data importing, or is there some way around this shortcoming?

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