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[updated with link to convergence slide]

Karl Matthews delivered the lunch keynote. On plans for FrameMaker and RoboHelp, he offered the usual “I can’t tell you anything because nothing has been announced” disclaimer. But there were a few crumbs:

  • Put money in the budget for a RoboHelp upgrade in 2007.
  • The FrameMaker developers recognize that Unicode is a critical need for many users.

Most interesting, though, was a discussion of content convergence. Karl highlighted four types of content:

  • Help/knowledge base
  • Internal documentation
  • External documentation
  • Training

His point was that these four document types are beginning to converge and share content. Training developers want to learn how to reuse information more efficiently from the documentation folks. Technical writers want to take input from the subject matter experts (internal docs) and turn it into their user guide deliverables (external docs). The animation/simulation and other “rich media” offered by training deliverables are of interest to the other three document types.

The slide showing convergence was quite lovely, and thanks to Karl, it’s available here (PPT, 618K)

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