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On Friday, Tom Johnson of Tech Writer Voices interviewed me about single sourcing. The podcast is available here:

Tech Writer Voices » Another Perspective on Single-Sourcing — Sarah O’Keefe

A couple things that struck me about the discussion:

  • These days, I take a very business-focused approach to single sourcing (and most everything else). In response to a question about whether writers with reuse requirements should move to single sourcing, I focused on how to figure out whether it will save money or not.
  • I had thought the debate about writing quality in single-sourced documentation was over, but I did get a question along those lines. It’s my opinion that single sourcing forces writers to write higher-quality content. I do not believe that single sourcing results in low-quality deliverables — although I have certainly seem bad documentation created in a single-sourced environment. (Of course, there’s plenty of bad documentation created in non-single-sourced environments, but somehow that never turns into an indictment of one-off content creation.)
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One Comment on “My introduction to podcasting”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    I really loved to hear you! And being so much in sync with your statements and experiences especially regarding »change resistance« felt good as well.
    – Michael

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