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I blogged during my vacation, so I suppose it’s only fair that after returning to work, I took a blogging vacation.

Here are some recent items of interest:

  • Conference assessment. In his new blog, Group Wellesley Wire, Alan Houser provides capsule reviews of tech comm conferences. It’s a great overview, especially if you’re trying to find just one conference to attend this year. I would only add that tekom, in Germany, is technically the largest conference in the group (not STC). However, many of the sessions are in German, which might prove a little challenging. X-Pubs, which was just held near London, is also worth a mention.
  • Indexing/taxonomy. If you have any interest in this subject, head on over to Seth Maislin’s Indexing Blog.
  • Upcoming conferences. I will be at O’Reilly’s Tools of Change in Publishing conference in San Jose next week. Looking forward to a few days of conference attendance without speaker duties. This should be an interesting change of perspective. In October, I’ll be at DocTrain, and I have tentative plans for tekom/tcworld in Wiesbaden, Germany, in November.
  • Global calendars. I was asked to speak at a very interesting conference in Europe this fall. Unfortunately, the conference is during the same week as the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday.
    This made me think about calendars — we have grievous difficulty scheduling classes without running into any U.S. holidays. If we have to schedule around holidays in multiple countries, there might not be any viable days left over!
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  1. With Google Calendar you can add holidays from pretty much every country quite easily to your own calendar. (Removing them is just as easy)
    I tried them all at once, and while it gets pretty busy, there are still a few weeks completely empty.

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