TechCraft article: The secret to technical writing

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I contributed an article to TechCraft on technical writing.

Here’s the money quote:

As a technical writer, you must question authority.

[… Y]ou need to confirm all information, even when it comes from a person who outranks you, or has more experience, or is older than you.

You can read the whole thing here (PDF).

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2 Comments on “TechCraft article: The secret to technical writing”

  1. Your article brings up a great point and one that isn’t stressed enough in our industry. I just had a similar discussion with my team a few weeks ago.
    In Korea, where I am on contract, more emphasis is placed on harmony within the group and respect for elders. As a result, TWs here are under constant pressure to accept “corrections” from clients and engineers. The common result is that the harmony is maintained, but the final documentation is seriously weakened.
    As I was stressing to my group, it is their expertise as TWs that ensures information is meaningful to the end user. Without having the diligence to verify processes and filter input from engineers to determine its value, TWs aren’t serving anyone’s best interests.

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