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I was saving a structured FrameMaker 8 book out to XML and encountered an error in the structured application I was testing. I knew I had a flaky read/write rule, so I went to the Help menu to select the Complete FrameMaker Help choice, which displays a web page with a link to the structured application documentation.

Imagine my surprise when the Complete FrameMaker Help choice was grayed out. I was very puzzled by this because I had used that very option just last week. I then opened one of the files in my FrameMaker book and checked for that menu option, and it was no longer grayed out.

On my laptop running Windows Vista, it seems that FrameMaker 8.0p266 lets me select the Complete FrameMaker Help choice only if a document file is open (or if no file at all is open). If a book file is the active file, the choice is unavailable.

Is this Adobe’s way of telling us book files are beyond help?

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  1. Maybe Adobe realizes that Vista is going to ask you 100 times whether it’s OK to launch the complete help at that point and just grayed it out to save you the frustration.

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