Know your audience, political edition

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Dear Sarah Palin,

Your campaign schedule looks brutal. And since you’re not flying commercial carriers, you don’t even get frequent flyer miles. It’s truly tragic.

Thank you for your personal letter. I have a few tips for you from the technical communication industry that should help you with future fund-raising attempts.

  1. Know your audience. I’m not sure where you got my name and address, but a quick cross-reference against the registered voter database would have told you that I’m registered as a Democrat. Based on that, you might want to modify “the fearful rhetoric of the Obama-Biden Democrats” to something a little less, you know, guaranteed to annoy me.
  2. Pruf your work. Really.


  3. Get my name right. “Sarah O. Keefe” does not fill me with warm fuzzies.

Your truly,

Sarah O’Keefe

PS Enjoyed your appearance on Saturday Night Live.

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3 Comments on “Know your audience, political edition”

  1. At what point did ignorance become a proud American tradition?
    Putting “Joe six-pack,” or your average hockey mom in charge of one of the biggest economic, cultural, and atomic powers on Earth is like giving a kitten laser vision.
    Sure, it’s kinda cute and something positive might happen (here kitty, microwave something for me), but in general it’s just dangerous.

  2. ROFL! You might want to add a few more to your list.
    4. I’m not your “Dear Friend”; in fact, I don’t even know you. And if I *was* your friend, you’d know my name and use it.
    5. You’re what? 44 years old? Then that puts you in school around the 1970s. Didn’t they teach you about writing letters using the block style (no paragraph indentation, and definitely not 8 letters indent) and minimalist punctuation (no comma after a salutation)?
    6. Congratulations! You used ‘its’ correctly.
    Thanks for the laugh. Though if this is indicative of the stuff she comes out with, I’d be concerned if her finger was anywhere near the button – she might just think that red is green or something…

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