Unstructured Documents in Structured FrameMaker

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by Sheila Loring

A few days ago, there was a thread on the Framers mailing list regarding working in the structured FrameMaker environment. Someone commented that editing unstructured documents in the structured interface does not affect the unstructured documents. I found this to be untrue recently when FrameMaker 8 crashed. I had about 30 unstructured FrameMaker documents open in the structured interface — only because I’d previously been working in a structured document. When I restarted FrameMaker after the crash and opened a recovered file, FrameMaker displayed an error that the file contained structured information. Great. FrameMaker saved some kind of structured information in the file during the recovery effort.

We all know that crashes in FrameMaker are not infrequent, so this could easily happen to you. Save yourself a painful lesson and work in the structured interface only when necessary.

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