Importing comments into FrameMaker 9 documents

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by Sheila Loring

FrameMaker 9 boasts this handy feature: you can import notes and comments from PDFs into FrameMaker docs. First, you must save the document as tagged PDF in FrameMaker 9. Then you mark up the PDF, adding notes and deleting or inserting text. Then you select File > Import > PDF Comments and select the file. The insertions and deletions show up as conditional text in the FrameMaker document, with the familiar red strikethrough for deleted text and blue underline for inserted text. The sticky notes are markers in which the marker text shows the sticky note content.

This is all great, thank you Adobe, and so on, but I’m having a problem with the sticky notes. When I edit the marker text in FrameMaker, I expect that updated note to show up in the PDF after I save the file as PDF again. The note doesn’t display at all. I’m wondering now what the point is if you can’t “round-trip” notes. Perhaps it’s user error, but I don’t think so.

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  1. Upon importing PDF comments into FM9, Acrobat sticky notes are present as Comment markers (with the FM8_TRACK_CHANGES_ADDED condition). If Text Symbols are not displayed, the markers are not visible.
    In addition to text insertion/deletion and sticky notes, highlighted/underlined comments are also imported; other Acrobat comments are not supported.

  2. All of these statements are true, but even so, the sticky notes don’t round-trip. So the moral of the story is don’t bother editing the Comment marker text for viewing in Acrobat.

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