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by Sheila Loring

Photoshop Express is a photo editing and sharing web-based application. You can store up to 2GB of photos for free. Accounts are available for $19.99 (20GB), $39.99 (40GB) or $99.99 (100GB) per year.

You can either upload photos or log in to your Facebook, Flickr, Photobucket, or Picasa accounts and edit the photos directly. When I logged in to Flickr and Facebook, my albums all appeared in Photoshop Express along with the descriptions. The tags didn’t make it for some reason though you can tag the photos in Express, but still, I like the Web 2.0 integration.

The typical editing options are available — sharpen, crop, rotate, red-eye, white balance, hue, etc. It’s very similar to Picasa. You can email and link to photos, order prints through Shutterfly, and decorate with cute objects, costumes, conversation bubbles, and other stock graphics.

Once you share photos, friends and family can visit your account online.

Photoshop Express is worth checking out if you don’t want to pay for Photoshop Elements (my personal favorite) or Photoshop and want to edit photos on social network web sites. The editing features are more robust than Flickr (but similar to Picasa). The main downsides are lack of online community (like that of Flickr) and expense. (I get unlimited online storage at Flickr for $24.95/year.)

Update March 21, 2009
I love the integration of and Photoshop Elements. I can create an album in Photoshop Elements, upload it to my account, and easily order prints. Cool! Other programs offer this feature, but I’ve never used it in Elements. I’ve only used Elements to organize and edit photos.

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