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The Compass cover

In October, we’re releasing a compilation of our white papers in a 160-page book, The Compass: Essential Reading about XML, DITA, and Web 2.0 (ISBN 978-0-9704733-8-7).

Over the years, thousands of technical communicators have downloaded our white papers in PDF format or have read the HTML versions. At a conference a few years ago, we distributed some papers in saddle-stitched booklets with bright yellow covers, and attendees pounced on them. We dubbed that booklet “The Little Yellow Book,” and we haven’t forgotten how popular it was.

The Compass is an expanded, perfect-bound version of The Little Yellow Book. It contains the following papers:

  • Structured authoring and XML
  • Managing implementation of structured authoring
  • Assessing DITA as a foundation for XML implementation
  • Hacking the DITA Open Toolkit
  • Creating PDF files from DITA content
  • Friend or foe? Web 2.0 in technical communication

We will give away a limited number of copies at upcoming conferences, including LavaCon (October 24-27). You’ll also be able to buy it from booksellers; online bookstores will likely sell it at a discount off the $15.95 (USD) list price.

You still can read the content for free at our web site; the book doesn’t contain any new or different information. The Compass just gives you the option of reading the same content in an affordable, handy book. We know there are many folks who still like to read their content in printed books (and I include myself among those people).

When we release The Compass, we’ll also have a drawing for a few copies. Watch this blog for details about the upcoming giveaway.

BTW, our very own David Kelly designed the cover, which I really like.

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