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In early 2009, we did some research on XML adoption rates and collected the results in a fairly lengthy report. Here is the summary:

In early 2009, Scriptorium Publishing conducted a survey to measure how and why technical communicators are adopting structured authoring.

The survey received 616 responses. 29 percent of respondents indicated that they had already implemented structured authoring. Only 16 percent indicated that they do not plan to implement structured authoring. The remaining respondents were either in the process of implementing structured authoring (14 percent), planning to do so (20 percent), or were considering it (21 percent).

Content reuse and document consistency were given as the most important reasons for moving to structured authoring followed by the cost/effort of developing content.

The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is by far the most common structure being implemented. Use of DITA did not correlate with lower implementation cost.

A strong majority (67 percent) of respondents who indicated that they did not plan to implement structured authoring gave cost and time of implementation as the reason.

The most common authoring tools reported are Arbortext Editor, Adobe FrameMaker (structured), and JustSystems XMetaL. SynchRO Soft oXygen ranked well among DITA implementers.

You can get the whole thing on our white papers page.

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