Rise of the machines (news from the STC Summit, #stc10)

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First, a disclaimer. Between time spent at our trade show booth, my own presentations, and important social events, I managed to attend exactly ONE session where I wasn’t presenting. That was Erin McKean‘s keynote, which was fantastic. Her STC session isn’t available online (yet), but here is a TED talk she did on redefining the dictionary:

All twitter, all the time

The conference hashtag, #stc10, was busy and I mean BUSY. There were tweets with soundbites, social event announcements, comments, discussion, and some really important stuff from Bill Swallow, aka @techcommdood:

Who’s got room at their lunch tables??? #stc10less than a minute ago via Twitterrific

I think that problem got solved by analog means, but nonetheless.

My sessions

There were only a couple of tweets out of my managing XML session. Not sure whether this is because everyone was asleep or I had the non-tweeting audience. I suppose I will find out when I see my official evaluations.

Meanwhile, I will be repeating that session as a webcast on June 15, 1–2 p.m. The event is free, but registration is required. (There’s also a session on Trends in Technical Communication later this month if you’re interested.)

Looking for conference feedback

If you attended the conference, please remember to fill out session evaluations. I was the track manager for Design, Architecture, and Publishing this year (and perhaps for 2011 as well), so I am especially interested in those results.

Are there speakers that you particularly want to see (or not) next year? I can’t speak for all of the conference organizers, but I paid close attention to any available speaker ratings from prior years in evaluating new proposals.

Also, if you have other feedback on the conference, please leave a comment or send me email (or a tweet if it fits!) and I will ensure that the 2011 conference team gets the information.


I think I might have buried the lede in this post. After decades of debate (not an exaggeration), STC has approved a certification program. Certification will be portfolio-based rather than exam-based.

Finally, the Carolina chapter scored big-time at the event. Congratulations to Michelle Corbin and Ann-Marie Grissino, who were named Fellows. And Larry Kunz (who is already a Fellow) received the President’s Award for his strategic planning work in the past year.

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