Buy The DITA Style Guide in print (and with a 43 percent discount!)

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Update July 30, 2014: Download the EPUB edition of The DITA Style Guide for free. The print edition is no longer available.

I’m pleased to announce that Tony Self’s new book, The DITA Style Guide, is now available in print. The book is beginning to filter into the listings of online bookstores.

At the moment I wrote this blog entry, was offering the book for $20.38, which is a whopping 43 percent off the $35.95 cover price. The DITA Style Guide coverI don’t think I’ve ever seen a discount that steep on any new Scriptorium Press title, so I would suggest taking advantage of that discount now. (You get free shipping for a $25 purchase from, so consider buying a bargain book for $5 instead of paying $3.99 or more for shipping.) We don’t have any control over what retailers charge for the book, so once that discount is gone, it’s likely gone forever.

The book is also available now for the full list price at, but that price may come down shortly; usually discounts our titles at least 15 percent. As other online stores all over the world pick up the book, we’ll list them. You can also special order a copy from your local bookstore.

The ePub version will be released soon for $9.99; watch this blog for the announcement. Update (March 11): You can download the ePub version (2.4 MB) from our store for $9.99.

You get a chance to win a printed copy if you attend Tony’s webcast Wednesday, March 9, at 4 p.m. Eastern Time: Best Practices in DITA Authoring. The webcast is free, but registration is required.

For those of you who added your name to the list of those interested in the book, we’re going to draw a name this week to determine who won the free copy. Watch your email for that announcement.

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