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Can’t decide whether structured authoring is right for your organization? Curious about the costs and necessary effort? Our latest publication, The State of Structured Authoring, is for you.

State of Structured Authoring coverThe report is our follow-up on the structured authoring survey we did earlier this year. The State of Structured Authoring compiles the results of the survey, and Sarah O’Keefe and I offer up some analysis of the numbers.

Check out the table of contents (PDF, 140 KB) to see what the report contains. You can also read an excerpt from our findings on training and education (PDF, 210 KB).

One reviewer said the report is “a highly recommended and timely resource especially for those technical communicators and managers who are either in the process of adopting [structured authoring] or putting together a proposal to do so. By using the variety of results presented in this book, you can not only expand your [structured authoring] horizons but also inject your planning and proposal with the kind of quantitative data that management appreciates.” I hope others find the information as helpful.

Through July 15, you can instantly download the ePub version of the report at the discounted price of $37.49: that’s 25 percent off the regular price of $49.99. To get this one-time discount, type  survey2011blog in the Coupon field during checkout, and click the Apply button to add the discount to your order. Download soon before the discount expires on July 15.

The report is also available in an 80-page printed edition. At the time I published this post, Amazon is offering the print edition at the cover price of $94.95, but bn.com is offering it for $62.17 (34 percent off). A discount that steep will not last, so order now. Other stores will likely sell the report soon.

By the way, Sarah and I wrote the report in DITA. We then created the ePub edition with a DITA Open Toolkit (OT)  plugin we developed for Scriptorium Press publications.

We created the PDF/print output with a Scriptorium-developed DITA OT plugin and the Antenna House Formatter. See that rotated table heading text on the second page of the excerpt about training? Simon Bate and I were very happy when we figured out how to rotate the heading row text in XSL-FO. We have added that feature to our PDF plugin for the DITA OT.

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