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I am extremely pleased (not to mention relieved) to tell you that our new Content Strategy 101: Transform Technical Content into a Business Asset book is now available in print. EPUB and Kindle editions are on the way.

Content Strategy 101 cover It has been a long eight nine months working on this book. Alan Pringle and I wrote, organized, rewrote, revised, and reorganized until we finally came up with a narrative structure that made sense to us. We had help from everyone at Scriptorium in producing graphics, creating output, and working on the companion web site.

Special thanks to those of you who read early drafts. Your feedback was invaluable in rooting out inconsistencies, bad writing, and horrendous typos. The full text of the book is available at, and we want to continue the conversation on this “final” version.

Distribution to online retailers is still a work in progress, but see our how to buy page for an updated list.

If you’re interested in the book publishing process used for Content Strategy 101, check out our ongoing series of posts on the perils of DITA publishing.

We hope you enjoy the book.

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