Webcast: Managing DITA implementation

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In this webcast recording, Alan Pringle discusses key factors for DITA implementation success. Alan touches on the following issues:

  • Good and bad conversion strategies
  • Information architecture and content modeling issues
  • Wrangling the various factions (authors, implementers, IT, and executives)
  • CMS evaluation and vendor management

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2 Comments on “Webcast: Managing DITA implementation”

  1. Good presentation, Alan, thanks. I have a question about your advice to do paragraph-level reuse only and avoid phrase-level reuse when content is going to be translated. I can understand why, but doesn’t this reduce your reuse opportinities dramatically? So what do you do when variable content, such as a product name, is mentioned in the title of a topic? You don’t conref the product name, so do you wrap the text of the topic title in a ph element and conref that ph? Paragraph-level or sentence-level reuse would also mean that *every* sentence which contains a variable or volatile content (for example product name, the customer’s specific terms, uicontrols etc.) would need to be conreffed, which I think is almost impossible to do.

    1. Yves,

      I see you’ve already gotten quite a bit on feedback on this issue on the dita-users list (http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/dita-users/message/32560). Some of that information was educational for me, too!

      I think you can strike a balance between using conrefs, etc., for reuse AND making localization as efficient as possible, particularly if you get advice from the localization vendors ahead of time.

      P.S. If a localization vendor can’t give you good, solid advice on best practices in DITA, I would suggest looking around for another one. The advice I gave regard to DITA tool vendors (“Don’t trust what you are hearing? Move on.”) certainly applies to localization firms, conversion companies, and so on, as well.

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