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May 8, 2017

Scriptorium now publishing sponsored white papers

Today, we are publishing a new white paper, The Age of Accountability: Unifying marketing and technical content with Adobe Experience Manager, which was commissioned by Adobe Systems, Inc.

This document is the first of its kind, so an explanation seems appropriate.

Our white papers are longer-form content that provide an overview of a particular technology or issue. Many of you have probably read our first white paper on structured authoring and XML. We first published that document in 2001, and updated it a few weeks ago.

White papers are a huge effort, and we have fewer of them published than I would like. This year, we are making a concerted effort to develop more white papers on topics that are important to our customers. Sponsored white papers make it possible for us to devote more time to this type of content—and of course they are helpful to the sponsor who wants to get the word out about a specific solution.

Going forward, we intend to publish a mix of sponsored and non-sponsored white papers.

Our policy on commissioned white papers is as follows:

  • We work with the client on a topic of mutual interest.
  • The white paper is typically in two parts: a problem overview (product-neutral) and a solution overview (product-specific).
  • Scriptorium has final editorial control over the white paper.
  • We disclose the sponsor relationship clearly. In the PDF version, we include the disclosure on the title page and in the footer on subsequent pages. In the HTML version, we include the disclosure at the beginning of the content.

Contact us with any questions.