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In our third online meeting, the Content Strategy Network discussed different ways of measuring the return on investment in a content strategy.

As with previous meetings, we opened with a few demographic polls. Attendees this month were primarily in strategic and management roles.

Graph indicating participant roles

The majority of attendees indicated that they do not currently track or measure ROI with regard to their content strategies, although some are planning to.

Graph indicating who is tracking metrics and how extensively

Of those who do measure ROI, the types of metrics they track vary.

Graph indicating metrics people track

Interestingly, no one indicated that they are tracking savings. The focus was clearly on revenue and time to market, and a very large bucket of “Other”. The other metrics tracked included qualitative and usage/marketing measurements:

  • Web analytics–what pages or topics are being visited, how long do people spend on those pages, and what are their bounce rates
  • Usefulness of information–are people finding answers to their questions
  • Quality–clarity and consistency, and how effective/engaging the content is

Attendees also shared some discoveries they have made. In particular, content thought “too basic” was in fact most visited by people in one case. This company almost made a decision to remove that content before learning this.

We also discussed other aspects of ROI, such as reuse and publishing to new mediums, such as chatbots. Not everyone was convinced this was fruitful:

In terms of ROI, I’m sure that cost savings are a big reason why we’re seeing so many chatbots now. Is it REALLY cost-effective? Hmmm….

Our meeting twisted and weaved between ROI and use cases. While we didn’t dig as deep into ROI as anticipated, the conversation was lively and informative. We hope to continue the discussion in our other CSN channels.

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