LearningDITA Live 2019: Call for proposals

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The LearningDITA Live 2019 call for proposals is open to you!

Deadline: October 15, 2018

LearningDITA Live is a free, online conference centered around DITA XML and its uses. The event will include presentations from DITA experts, both in industry and academia. If that sounds like you, we want to incorporate your DITA expertise as well!

That’s why we’re opening the floor to the DITA community. If you have exciting DITA knowledge, present your insights at our online conference.

Was your DITA project particularly successful (or not)? Do you have an interesting specialization or integration you want to share with the world? LearningDITA Live 2019 wants to hear from you!

The conference is set for the week of February 25, 2019. You can send in a proposal on any DITA-related topic until October 15, 2018. We ask that you provide a brief description of yourself and your proposed topic for review. Your topic ideas should aim to fill one of our 40-minute sessions and can range from introductory to advanced DITA-related subjects.

If you need guidance in choosing a topic or writing a presentation, recordings from LearningDITA Live 2018 are available for free.

Even if you decide not to present, attend the event! You can sign up to receive a notification when registration is available.

We want the brightest DITA minds to participate in LearningDITA Live 2019, including you!

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