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You’ve spent considerable time working with your marketing team to brand your content. Incorporating logos and imagery, color schemes, fonts, and more associates your content with your company and gives it a consistent look and feel. But what happens if your company merges with another, or rolls out a fresh new look?

Join Bill Swallow on August 27th at 1:00 p.m. Eastern time for his free webinar Simplify your rebranding efforts with DITA. Register now! 

Updating logos and designs manually across all of your content is a daunting task, and editing Word and InDesign files individually can seemingly take forever. Fortunately, DITA provides a framework for automating rebranding efforts.

 What are the benefits to moving to DITA as a way to assist with rebranding?


Time is money. By moving to DITA, you are setting yourself up for content reuse in the future. The business landscape is constantly changing. Manually updating content every time something changes can involve unnecessary (and time-consuming) copy and pasting and take up time that could be spent doing something else more productive. 

Smart content

The separation of content and formatting is another way DITA can assist with your rebranding efforts. This means that you don’t have to open up and modify individual files to update the brand formatting in your brochures, product sheets, and other marcom content. Instead you are able to adjust the process that automatically applies formatting. When you run the process, the new branding is automatically applied which saves time and money. 

You can learn more about how investing in a smart content infrastructure can take the pain out of manually rebranding your content during the free webinar on August 27th. 

Looking for other ways to get help with DITA? Visit for free DITA training anytime you want. Be on the lookout for more webinars that are a part of this LearningDITA Live Series. You don’t have to wait until LearningDITA Live 2020 for free DITA expertise.


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