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Happy new year! With Scriptorium recognized worldwide as experts in content strategy (and full of unabashed foodies),  I am excited to be joining the team full time this month. I’m looking forward to using my work experience and education to help clients solve their content strategy problems. I’ve already made my mark by unadvisedly drinking the Sugar Plum Fairy cocktail at the holiday party. I was warned.

Prior to joining Scriptorium, I worked for over two decades in a variety of industries, including software, hardware, and financial, as an information architect and technical writer. My experience includes a wide variety of technologies and development tools.

In 2019 I completed a master’s degree in content strategy in Austria. For my thesis I worked with the DITA-OT team to develop a taxonomy. That taxonomy was used to produce index terms, improve search and findability, and inform site navigation. 

Much of my content strategy work with Scriptorium will focus on content operations. I also build DITA constraints and specializations, content models, and custom DITA-OT plugins.I play squash so I can eat chocolate. I am fluent in English and German and welcome the opportunity to discuss the Düsseldorf music scene in either language.

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Lief Erickson

Technical consultant. Content strategy, content operations, and DITA. Bilingual English-German, squash and tabletop board game player.

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