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January 17, 2023

Conferences, webinars, and panels (oh my)

After a fresh start to a new year, here’s where you can find the Scriptorium team for the next few months, for both online and in-person events. We hope you can join us!

Personalization for B2B

Wednesday, February 1st at 11 am EST
Webinar, Online

From our host, AvenueCX: For years, the B2C space has leveraged personalization to target audiences with relevant content. In the B2B space, businesses are only beginning to recognize the value personalization offers their customer engagement with the brand, revenue, and content experiences. But B2B personalization differs from B2C personalization.

Join Sarah O’Keefe and learn how your business can implement personalization to maximize your content value by using strategies, key levers, and customer profiles. 

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Understanding the Value of CaaS

Wednesday, February 8th at 1 pm EST
Webinar, Online

What’s CaaS, and how does it add value to your content? To find out, join Sarah O’Keefe for the free upcoming webinar, “Understanding the Business Value of Content-as-a-Service,” hosted by Scott Abel and our friends at Heretto.

You’ll learn about this new approach to content delivery, and how to use CaaS to mitigate problems with organizational silos. Join us for 60 minutes of outstanding content, followed by a live Q&A. 

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Tridion Success Summit

March 9th – 10th
London, UK

From the organizer: Come hear about the latest trends in web content management, and how Tridion Sites and their partner ecosystem can help future-proof your content and deliver more value for your organization.

Be sure to join Sarah O’Keefe and other content experts for an in-depth panel discussion! 

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April 17th – 19th
Baltimore, MD, USA

From the organizer: ConVEx is an immersive experience for content developers. Drop by one of our presentations or chat with us in the community hall. If you’re attending remotely, you can watch sessions live or access the recording later.

Join Sarah O’Keefe for her talk “The Cost of (Content) Maturity” as she explores the possibilities of knowledge graphs and CMSs that support them, while paying close attention to the cost. Alan Pringle will be part of a panel unpacking the reality checks organizations have to consider before the CCMS selection process.

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Later this year, we also plan to participate in DITAWorld, LavaCon, and tcworld among other events. Stay connected on our blog for more details as the year progresses. 

We look forward to connecting with you in 2023!