Lief Erickson, Technical Consultant, integrates strategy and systems.

Lief’s content strategy work often focuses on content operations—how your content will be authored and later consumed by people and machines. Enterprise search, findability, accessibility, automation, and process simplification are particular areas of interest for him.

Lief also builds DITA constraints and specializations, content models, and custom DITA-OT plugins.

Prior to joining Scriptorium, Lief worked for over two decades in the software, hardware, and financial industries as an information architect and technical writer. His experience includes a wide variety of technologies and development tools.

He has presented at industry conferences in North America and Europe. As a member of the DITA-OT open-source project, he assists with the documentation.

Lief holds a BA with a dual focus in Technical Communication and German Studies. He has completed the coursework of the Content Strategy master’s program at Fachhochschule Joanneum (University of Applied Sciences) in Graz, Austria and defends his thesis in October 2019.

Lief plays squash so he can eat chocolate. He is fluent in English and German and welcomes the opportunity to discuss the Düsseldorf music scene in either language.