Problems at Quark?

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I’ve been hearing that Quark is on its last legs since, well, about the same time as when the “FrameMaker is dead” rumor got started. But the news of the “unexpected” departure of the CEO at Quark can’t possibly be good news: Article at

Making Friends with XSL

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I have a pattern of learning things The Hard Way. That is, get a book, dive in, and just do it. Eventually, some order emerges from the chaos, and one day, it all starts to make sense. This approach has failed once or twice — … Read More

The content-data divide

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I often make the point that content is more challenging to structure than data. In this article, you see the same point being made from an IT-centric point of view. Interesting stuff. Intelligent Enterprise Magazine: Content in the Age of XML

The State of the Tools

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The state of the XML tool universe is…strange. In one corner, we have enterprise tools with enterprise price tags and enterprise implementation costs. This corner consists of the following Big, expensive content management systems (think Vasont and Documentum) Big, expensive served-based content production systems (think … Read More

Tech writers in the media

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I was listening with half an ear to NPR’s Weekend Edition when the puzzler segment came on. During the interview, we hear that the winner, Judy from Lexington, Mass., “leads a group of technical writers at Sybase.” After that, they had my undivided attention as … Read More

The phone ate my homework

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At the STC conference, I used my handy camera phone to take a picture of Adobe’s FrameMaker booth, complete with FrameMaker product manager. I planned to post that picture here. [envision the lovely FrameMaker booth with Adobe representation] Unfortunately, the phone ate the picture. You’ll … Read More

DocFrame case study

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At the STC conference in Seattle, there was a case study session on our DocFrame solution delivered by Vici Koster-Lenhardt of Coca-Cola and Michael Plattner of ITL. A PowerPoint file with their slides is available here. If you’re considering structure implementation, and want to do … Read More