DocFrame case study

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At the STC conference in Seattle, there was a case study session on our DocFrame solution delivered by Vici Koster-Lenhardt of Coca-Cola and Michael Plattner of ITL. A PowerPoint file with their slides is available here. If you’re considering structure implementation, and want to do … Read More

Free the Chapter!

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Sean McGrath argues that the separation of content into files and directories is an artificial one that should go away. – Books/chapters and directories/files – dichotomies considered harmful Imagine a world in which the file system explorer is the top level application. It manages … Read More

Atlas Shrugged

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With apologies to all, I simply can’t stop myself from using that title. Quadralay has released their latest incarnation of WebWorks Publisher, now called ePublisher Pro. While under development, the product was code-named Atlas. Press release In the FrameMaker details section, you find this: IntelliStyles … Read More

HTML-based help

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I recently discovered that Mozilla offers a help viewer. It’s elegant, fast, and runs only in Firefox or other Mozilla applications. That would be an interesting reversal on the original Browser Wars.

I wish I had written this

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Laura Lemay writes in her blog: You know, I was just the other day thinking that as a knowledge worker, PostScript wasn’t fulfilling all my document workflow needs. And that what I really needed was a Microsoft version of PostScript. Based on XML. Yeah. That’s … Read More

STC next week

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I will be at the STC conference in Seattle next week. Each year, the call for proposals comes out with a due date in August (!!) for the next year’s conference. Each year, I debate whether or not to attend. This year, the prospect of … Read More