Democracy. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Each year, the Nominations committee of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) holds elections. The process is well-ordered: The current first vice president runs for president. The current second vice president runs for first vice president. The Nominations committee selects two people to compete for … Read More

Just rewards…

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This year’s WritersUA conference had excellent content, as always, but I wasn’t too happy about its venue, the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. Joe Welinske has just announced venues for upcoming events, and I am happy to see Palm Springs, California. That should be a … Read More

Angst about Adobe/Macromedia

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Some have suggest that the merged company be renamed. “Macrobe” appears to be the leading contender. There is lots of anxiety about software, especially where the two product lines intersect. Illustrator or Freehand? GoLive or DreamWeaver? I would bet on the tool with better market … Read More