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Content Strategy 101
Technical content is often the last in line for investment and innovation, but poor content has profound effects inside and outside the organization—it damages your reputation, shrinks sales, and causes legal problems. Content Strategy 101 is an invaluable resource for transforming your technical content into a business asset.

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The State of Structured Authoring (second edition)
Why and how are technical communicators adopting structured authoring? The State of Structured Authoring uses data from a 2011 survey along with analysis from Scriptorium Publishing to answer this critical question.

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The DITA Style Guide: Best Practices for Authors
As more companies implement DITA to streamline the development of technical content, the demand for DITA-literate technical communicators is growing. The DITA Style Guide: Best Practices for Authors provides comprehensive, practical explanations of DITA elements and attributes. Real-world examples and clear recommendations show you how to create consistent, semantically correct DITA content.

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Technical Writing 101: A Real-World Guide to Planning and Writing Technical Content
Technical Writing 101 details the skills you need as a technical writer to create both printed and online content. This valuable reference describes the entire development process—planning, writing, visual design, editing, indexing, and production. You also get tips on how to write information that is more easily translated into other languages.

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