Shameless Commerce division

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Registration for April’s WritersUA conference is now open. Looks like a great conference as always. I’ll be focusing on XSL at this conference with one session on XSL support in FrameMaker and one on creating customized documentation. Hope to see you there.

The phone ate my homework

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At the STC conference, I used my handy camera phone to take a picture of Adobe’s FrameMaker booth, complete with FrameMaker product manager. I planned to post that picture here. [envision the lovely FrameMaker booth with Adobe representation] Unfortunately, the phone ate the picture. You’ll … Read More

DocFrame case study

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At the STC conference in Seattle, there was a case study session on our DocFrame solution delivered by Vici Koster-Lenhardt of Coca-Cola and Michael Plattner of ITL. A PowerPoint file with their slides is available here. If you’re considering structure implementation, and want to do … Read More

STC next week

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I will be at the STC conference in Seattle next week. Each year, the call for proposals comes out with a due date in August (!!) for the next year’s conference. Each year, I debate whether or not to attend. This year, the prospect of … Read More

Just rewards…

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This year’s WritersUA conference had excellent content, as always, but I wasn’t too happy about its venue, the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas. Joe Welinske has just announced venues for upcoming events, and I am happy to see Palm Springs, California. That should be a … Read More