More cowbell!

Sarah O'Keefe / Humor, Opinion5 Comments

About a year ago, we added Google Analytics to our web site. I have done some research to see what posts were the most popular in the past year: The clear winner was our FrameMaker 9 review. With 21 comments, I think it was also … Read More

DITAlini and Chickpeas

Simon Bate / Humor1 Comment

There are times when my silly brain notices something and it just won’t let go. A few weeks ago I was leafing through a “foodie” magazine and I saw a reference to a pasta known as ditalini (“little thimbles”). Because I’ve spent the past year … Read More

Murder by metaphor

Alan Pringle / Humor2 Comments

The Shanghai Tech Writer blog has a hilarious list of awful metaphors written by high school students. These gems include: Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two sides gently compressed by a Thigh Master. Long separated by cruel fate, … Read More

Crosswords for technical writers

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If you’re looking to tease your brain during this holiday week, consider doing a crossword puzzle with a technical writing theme at the Crosswords blog. Never thought I’d see a puzzle with the clue “a family of transformational languages used to describe how to format … Read More

Know your audience, political edition

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Dear Sarah Palin, Your campaign schedule looks brutal. And since you’re not flying commercial carriers, you don’t even get frequent flyer miles. It’s truly tragic. Thank you for your personal letter. I have a few tips for you from the technical communication industry that should … Read More