A Day in the Life….

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by Sheila Loring Here’s an inside peek at a day in the life of a Scriptorium employee: http://xkcd.com/208/ But wait, there’s more…a t-shirt! http://store.xkcd.com/ Ladies, check out the regular expression skirt, too. The code is printed upside down for easy reading while sitting.

Can this relationship be saved?

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For 15 years, I was a lovesick FrameMaker groupie. Ask anybody. As a founding member of the North Carolina FrameMaker Users Network (NC-FUN), I went to meetings regularly for ten years to talk about everything FrameMaker: plug-ins, database connectivity, scripting, single-sourcing, structure, obscure features, you … Read More

No help for you!

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I was saving a structured FrameMaker 8 book out to XML and encountered an error in the structured application I was testing. I knew I had a flaky read/write rule, so I went to the Help menu to select the Complete FrameMaker Help choice, which … Read More

Friday fish blogging

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About two months ago, I set up an aquarium in my office. When fish starting disappearing, we put the most aggressive one, a zebra danio, into Fish Jail. When fish kept disappearing, we apologized to Hannibal and released him from the Finetentiary. (It appears that … Read More

Apocalypse Now

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Last week, I suggested that The end of the world is approaching because Adobe had made some comments about upcoming release. Today, I suggest we all hide in our backyard bunkers, because of this: The FrameMaker product team is looking for volunteers to participate in … Read More