HTML-based help

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I recently discovered that Mozilla offers a help viewer. It’s elegant, fast, and runs only in Firefox or other Mozilla applications. That would be an interesting reversal on the original Browser Wars.

Metro, Tube, Underground, El, Subway, PDF Killer?

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News from the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference: Officially unveiled as part of Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates’ kick-off keynote, the new Microsoft document workflow format, code-named ‘Metro,’ sounds from initial explanations like a page-description language meant to compete with Adobe’s PostScript. Microsoft to Pit ‘Metro’ Format … Read More

Democracy. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Each year, the Nominations committee of the Society for Technical Communication (STC) holds elections. The process is well-ordered: The current first vice president runs for president. The current second vice president runs for first vice president. The Nominations committee selects two people to compete for … Read More