Non-technical problems

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Norm Walsh has posted a provocative discussion of DITA and DocBook on his blog (a writeup of a presentation he delivered at the recent DITA 2006 conference). My favorite part, though, is an explanation of a typical consulting sales process. The technical part of an … Read More

Worst Error Message Ever.

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FrameMaker’s new XSL support is fantastic. It lets me specify that I want HTML Help output from inside FrameMaker. The error messages, however, are less fantastic. If you provide an XSL transformation file with a syntax error, you will probably make the acquaintance of the … Read More

To DITA or not to DITA?

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In a recent discussion on the STCCIC-SIG list, Mark Baker of Analecta Communications provided an excellent analysis of DocBook, DITA, and how they are not the same thing as XML. (The discussion is reproduced here with Mark’s permission.) The original question was this: How specifically … Read More

Printing and economics

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Before the invention of movable type, book publishing was technologically possible, but prohibitively expensive. Printing involved carving the contents of a page onto a wooden block — backwards — and then basically stamping that ink-covered block onto a page. Each wooden block was usable only … Read More

More on management changes at Adobe

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This Red Herring article includes some analysis: The announcement reflects a changing power structure within Adobe as it prepares to complete the merger. “It looks like the Macromedia people are dominating the integration process,” said Samuel Saunders, an analyst with Fulcrum Global Partners, a securities … Read More

Ignorance, Part 3

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See the earlier posts in this series: Ignorance as an asset? Ignorance. A continuing series. In my quest for crochet knowledge, I found numerous sites that described various crochet stitches. For instance, has a huge list of crochet resources, including basic stitch guides and … Read More