More on management changes at Adobe

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This Red Herring article includes some analysis: The announcement reflects a changing power structure within Adobe as it prepares to complete the merger. “It looks like the Macromedia people are dominating the integration process,” said Samuel Saunders, an analyst with Fulcrum Global Partners, a securities … Read More

Ignorance, Part 3

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See the earlier posts in this series: Ignorance as an asset? Ignorance. A continuing series. In my quest for crochet knowledge, I found numerous sites that described various crochet stitches. For instance, has a huge list of crochet resources, including basic stitch guides and … Read More

Ignorance as an asset?

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There’s a recurring debate over how technical a technical writer should be. One faction argues that ignorance of the technology being documented forces the technical writer to think at the same level as the target audience — the end user. The other faction argues that … Read More

Interesting theory

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David Coursey writes about the Metro and Acrylic developments: I don’t believe this is a coordinated Microsoft attack on Adobe. If it were, I think it would be much better-organized. Is Microsoft Gunning for Adobe? I Think Not ( Not the most reassuring thing I’ve … Read More

The content-data divide

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I often make the point that content is more challenging to structure than data. In this article, you see the same point being made from an IT-centric point of view. Interesting stuff. Intelligent Enterprise Magazine: Content in the Age of XML

The State of the Tools

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The state of the XML tool universe is…strange. In one corner, we have enterprise tools with enterprise price tags and enterprise implementation costs. This corner consists of the following Big, expensive content management systems (think Vasont and Documentum) Big, expensive served-based content production systems (think … Read More