Reactions to the TechComm Suite

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Bloggers are starting to comment on the TC Suite. Here are a few I spotted this morning: Bill Swallow (“TechCommDood”) writes on waxing techcomm: I’ll admit, I’m both impressed at the package (the monetary deal for the payload of technology is quite appealing) and at … Read More

eWeek analysis of TC Suite

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They misspelled Michael Hu’s name, so minus points for sloppiness. Introducing: Adobe’s Software for the Technical Writer (eWeek) I have some issues with this article. For instance: The lead-in: “Determined to earn revenues beyond the Web developer market, Adobe Sept. 25 released its Technical Communication … Read More

Pod people and RoboHelp

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The RoboHelp reviews keep coming, and they’re getting ugly. DMN Communications says in their podcast that the new release of RoboHelp shows “almost contempt” for RoboHelp users (approximately 12:30 into the podcast). On a more constructive note, the podcasters speculate about the lack of integration … Read More


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There’s no such thing as bad publicity, or so the saying goes. But RoboHelp is trying. MonkeyPi weighs in with his, er, unique style. In a lengthy discussion of a recent Adobe webinar on RoboHelp, he says this: But the kicker comes when [Adobe product … Read More

Was it something Adobe said?

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First, Microsoft announces Metro, the alleged “PDF Killer.” Now, we have Acrylic, which is supposed to take on Photoshop and possibly Illustrator. Early reaction is not too positive: Softpedia news [T]he list of unpleasant surprises continued: difficult menus placed in the strangest locations, the absence … Read More