Put the drawing tools down!

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This list of technical writing myths has a decidedly DITA slant; I don’t necessarily like the idea of DITA driving what is and isn’t acceptable practice for technical writing. That being said, I endorse the information provided about myth #4: 4. The Callouts on Graphics … Read More

Wacky wiki

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We recently made our FrameMaker 7 workbook content available in a public wiki. We simply don’t have the time to make the needed updates to get the content to version 8, so we thought that we’d let you, the general public, have editable access to … Read More

Writing better XSL

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Jeni Tennison has a new blog. Her latest post has tips on when to use template matching, named templates, and for-each statements. In my experience, most people who are new to XSL overuse for-each loops, because they most closely resemble familiar programming constructs.

XML resources for Adobe InDesign

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New on adobe.com, you’ll find a page dedicated to InDesign, XML, and scripting. Oddly, it’s entitled “Adobe digital imaging solutions for graphic designers.” The XML resources include case studies, excerpts from the InDesign User Guide and the Classroom in a Book, and a technical reference … Read More