The ABCs of XML

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STC Intercom, September/October 2009 XML is rapidly becoming part of the required knowledge for technical communicators. This article discusses the three most important reasons that you should consider XML: automation, baseline architecture, and consistency. Download the PDF (144K)

When is XML the wrong answer?

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Originally published in STC Intercom, November 2007 XML can benefit a publishing workflow in many ways: improving content reuse, consistency, and potentially automating much of the process. That all sounds wonderful, but XML is not the logical answer for everyone. Implementing a structured authoring solution … Read More

XML Trials and Tribulations

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Last week, the STC San Diego chapter hosted Walter Hanig and myself presenting on XML Trials and Tribulations. This was a case study of the implementation at Walter’s company, which Scriptorium was involved in several years ago. If you’re looking for a rah-rah XML presentation, … Read More