XML, growing up fast

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Originally published in STC Intercom, July 2008 In 2008, XML turns 10 years old. Today, an XML-based publishing environment is state of the art, but what will it be like tomorrow? Will we see the rise of better XML authoring tools? Will XML become as … Read More

XFL: He Hate Me Not

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(For those of you with a life, the title is a reference to this.) According to Colin Moock, the next version of Flash will have an XML-based format. He writes: Flash CS4 will be able to export *and* import a new source format called XFL. … Read More

When is XML the wrong answer?

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Originally published in STC Intercom, November 2007 XML can benefit a publishing workflow in many ways: improving content reuse, consistency, and potentially automating much of the process. That all sounds wonderful, but XML is not the logical answer for everyone. Implementing a structured authoring solution … Read More

XML Trials and Tribulations

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Last week, the STC San Diego chapter hosted Walter Hanig and myself presenting on XML Trials and Tribulations. This was a case study of the implementation at Walter’s company, which Scriptorium was involved in several years ago. If you’re looking for a rah-rah XML presentation, … Read More

XML resources for Adobe InDesign

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New on adobe.com, you’ll find a page dedicated to InDesign, XML, and scripting. Oddly, it’s entitled “Adobe digital imaging solutions for graphic designers.” The XML resources include case studies, excerpts from the InDesign User Guide and the Classroom in a Book, and a technical reference … Read More