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You’ve chosen Heretto CCMS. Are you ready to use it?

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Choosing a CCMS is only half the battle. Each system has unique features and benefits, and our CCMS training will unlock that value for you. 

Our three Heretto CCMS training options provide live, instructor-led training (online or on-site).


Basic CCMS training

This course covers the basics of content creation, management, and system administration for new CCMS users who are already familiar with DITA. 

After completing the course, you’ll understand the Heretto CCMS approach to: 

  • Content creation, management, and publishing
  • Review workflows and assignments
  • Versioning and branching
  • System administration and reports


Basic + DITA training

This training covers all content included in the basic Heretto CCMS training, plus overview DITA information and best practices for users with little-to-no DITA experience. 


Custom CCMS training

If you’ve customized your Heretto CCMS, we can build training that unpacks your specialized configuration. Custom Heretto CCMS training allows your authors to learn how to create content in their environment with your CCMS specifications, which saves your team time and optimizes their productivity in one move. 

We know the implementation stage is daunting (at best), but it’s important to get it right. If you need help implementing your CCMS, our team can guide you through this critical process so you can rest easy knowing you’re utilizing the full potential of your CCMS investment. 


Course outline

For both Basic and Basic + DITA training, the course outline includes: 

  • Session 1: Navigate the system and author documents
  • Session 2: Maps, publishing, and assignment workflows
  • Session 3: Reuse and linking
  • Session 4: Administration

If you’ve customized your content model, have unique workflows, or have built customizations in Heretto, our Custom CCMS training is the best fit for you.

Ready to get started? 

Contact our team below, even if you’re not sure what level of support you need, or if you have other questions. We’re ready to support you in finding the best fit! 


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