tekom: Some thoughts on Germany

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The tekom conference wrapped up yesterday (Friday), but like several other North American attendees, I stayed an extra day to bring the airfare down. (The difference between leaving Saturday and leaving Sunday — over $1000. One extra night in the hotel? Significantly less than $1000. … Read More

It’s the time of the season for…

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…conferences? I’m finishing up my slides for next week’s tekom/TCWorld conference (don’t tell the organizers). Meanwhile, registration for next year’s WritersUA conference has just opened. It will be held in mid-March in Portland, Oregon. As usual, Joe has put together a great program. Zip on … Read More

Link round-up

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I blogged during my vacation, so I suppose it’s only fair that after returning to work, I took a blogging vacation. Here are some recent items of interest: Conference assessment. In his new blog, Group Wellesley Wire, Alan Houser provides capsule reviews of tech comm … Read More