Highly designed content (podcast)

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Highly designed content uses presentation to call its audience’s attention to the most important information. This kind of content requires more attention to detail and exceptions to the standard layout than content with a purely functional design. In this podcast, we discuss strategies for producing … Read More

Life in the desert

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Last week, I attended the annual DocTrain West event, which was held this year in Palm Springs, California. Weather in Palm Springs was spectacular as always with highs in the 80s during the day. Some of my more northerly friends seemed a bit shell-shocked by … Read More

InDesign CS4 = Hannibal?

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Last year, small fish started disappearing from my aquarium. Suspicion fell on a rowdy zebra danio, who we promptly christened Hannibal the Cannibal. We put Hannibal in an isolation tank (“fish jail”), but even with Hannibal confined, the little guys kept disappearing. So, we released … Read More