Authoring tools do matter

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion5 Comments

“I can write in anything.”“The tool doesn’t matter.”“I can learn any new tool.” Most of the time, I agree. But then, there are the exceptions. One of our customers is using FrameMaker to produce content that is delivered in HTML. (They use structured FrameMaker, generate … Read More

DITA isn’t magic

Alan Pringle / OpinionLeave a Comment

The WritePoint staff blog makes a very good point about DITA: it isn’t a magic wand that fixes documentation problems. Also, it’s worth noting that: … DITA didn’t introduce something completely new. DITA incorporates achievements made in a wide variety of approaches to organizing content … Read More

Mechanical versus digital publishing

Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion1 Comment

My last XML Strategist article (PDF) briefly mentioned Gutenberg and movable type before moving on to the focus of the article–a discussion of the implications of XML publishing and the similarities with Gutenberg’s efforts. The Biblical Illuminator’s Guild blog provides a much more detailed discussion … Read More