We’ve been localised

Alan Pringle / LocalizationLeave a Comment

Over the years, I have worked on manuals that were translated, and I have helped clients with their localization processes. Despite those experiences, I’ve never been part of a project in which US English was localized (well, localised) into UK English–until now. Cherryleaf has adapted … Read More

Know your audience, political edition

Sarah O'Keefe / Humor3 Comments

Dear Sarah Palin, Your campaign schedule looks brutal. And since you’re not flying commercial carriers, you don’t even get frequent flyer miles. It’s truly tragic. Thank you for your personal letter. I have a few tips for you from the technical communication industry that should … Read More


Sarah O'Keefe / Opinion2 Comments

In the past couple of weeks, I read an excellent post from Dave Kellogg about Facebook, and then received an invitation to join from a fellow technical writer. So I did. Here are a few initial impressions: Facebook is much more compelling than LinkedIn (where … Read More