Reactions to the TechComm Suite

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Bloggers are starting to comment on the TC Suite. Here are a few I spotted this morning: Bill Swallow (“TechCommDood”) writes on waxing techcomm: I’ll admit, I’m both impressed at the package (the monetary deal for the payload of technology is quite appealing) and at … Read More

When you have a hammer…

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…everything looks like a nail. We all suffer from this syndrome to a certain extent. Once you develop familiarity with a particular tool or technology, you see possibilities everywhere. Sean McGrath refers to this as the Just Use X Club. He is none too happy … Read More

Understanding change resistance

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Implementing new technology presents numerous challenges — choosing new software, training staff on new technology and processes, setting up new workflows, and so on. For technical writers, the transition from traditional desktop publishing to XML-based workflows requires a significant shift in mindset. Instead of focusing … Read More

For once, we’re not the laggards

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Over on the Really Strategies blog, there’s a discussion about assumptions and best practices in “print composition.” The company is somewhat similar to ours, except that they are focused on the publishing industry (magazines and books) rather than technical content. The post basically lays out … Read More